Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~ Lace and Leather ~

This weekend of mine is nothing but movies. There's nothing else better that we can think of or do late at night, other than hitting the club again which we're kinda bored with it already. Recently, or maybe all these while to be exact, we used to sleep when the sun rises and wake up when the sun sets. Wtf seriously. We're soon becoming the same species of an owl or a cat. It makes me feel like my days are so unmeaningful and short of time MyEm0.Com Yet, it's the worst and hardest habit that I could ever kick. S.O.S. I need help.

Enough crapping. Everyone knows that there's this campaign called 'Earth Hour' on last Saturday. Jeff suggested that we shall see the lights in the entire KL being turned off and on again at Ulu Langat. Unfortunately, there's a really serious car jam and we could not even reach our destination after one and a half hours starving in the car. Ended up we gotta change our destination and we spent the whole one hour of 'Earth Hour' in the car.

Headed to Sunway Pyramid for movies after that. First time watching movie with William a.k.a Millionz. Unfortunately once again, most of the movies are fully taken. We had no choice but to watch 'The International'. It's not too bad for me and Mr.Joseph but most of them fell asleep, haha! Naomi Watts looks great in the movie. Would rate it as 3/5 stars.

The next day, I bugged Mr.Joseph to bring me for the movie which I've been waiting for months. And for certain reasons, I'm sorry little Jia Hui. Don't hate me okay? Heh. It was pretty late that night, we went to Mid Valley cause Pyramid does not have midnight sessions on Sunday. The movie may not be as great as it's expected to be, but I'm not sure why I sort of love it. Maybe I can relate to the movie cause I'm a shopaholic who can't manage my finance well too, haha! Too many of my big bad habits.

Isla Fisher is so cute. Loving all the stuffs in the movie, teehee!

And she is really colourful too. Soundtracks in the movie are great :)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

~ Sweet Things ~

Trying the camera on my new phone. Not bad, better than I expected earlier.

The girls are craving for cheesecake from Starbucks. So, we decided to have some gossiping and catching up session at Starbucks in SS15. And it's first time meeting up with Nana. Well, she's really tall and nice.

After Starbucks, we shifted to Asia Cafe and continue our gossipping session there. William a.k.a Millionz together with Chin Wei, Mushiie and Moses came to join us minutes later. It has been a really long time since I last saw William.

The four beloved ladies: Seak Hwee, Shu Huey, Rou Gin, and Lee Ping did not want to take any photos cause they think that they look really bad late at night. But according to girls' tradition, cam-whoring is a must especially meeting up for the first time. So, there's only me and Nana all the way, haha!

Ignore my fat face, double chin. I kinda love this picture.

But still, she claimed that she doesn't look pretty. So we continued.

Take 1.

Still not pretty?

Take 2.

Hmm..not very satisfied?

Take 3.

Still not satisfied? Let's try a few more then.

Take 4.

Actually there's a lot more but I'm not gonna post it all up. And she's still not very satisfied after all those pictures, haha! I personally think that I look the same in all the pictures and she looks good. Being natural by just smiling is my best signature pose, haha!

It's a great night with you all. As usual, I love weekends MyEm0.Com


Friday, March 27, 2009

~ Changes Happen ~

Nothing much to share lately and my bloggie is getting outdated. Got myself something to spice up my boring and dull routine everyday. Since PDA phones and Smart phones are the trend in the market now, so I would like to give it a try too but with a lower cost. Somehow, the electronic gadgets fanatic who's with me all the time would pass me the influence a little.

This is my old darling. Till now, I'm still missing her 5 mega pixel camera which is so important for a girl who is so vain like me. Cam-whore is a big part of my life.

After some serious thoughts, I gave up my 5 mega pixel camera phone for a 3.2 mega pixel one. But with GPS, WLAN and so on. Loving the keyboard that is so convenient and applications that I can go to Facebook and MSN anytime I like. So, now I would have to be really dependent on my camera. So far, I'm satisfied :)

I think I seriously need some catch up with my friends especially babes before I got totally forgotten real soon. I've been rotting myself for some time. Aww, miss you all ♥


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~ Mood Flow ~

This post is gonna be so vain. Just some simple updates on my weekend. For weekdays, there's nothing else except classes, meals, sleepless nights, and assignments or presentations. How lifeless. And this is why I yawn all the time MyEm0.Com Oh, I eat and munch a lot lately as well. I just want to eat although I'm not hungry, anything nice or sweet. Maybe the stress and boredom is provoking my appetite. I'm sure my weight is increasing every second MyEm0.Com

Watched the movie 'Taken' with Mr. Phuah, mushiie, Chin Wei and the little Ryan on last Saturday. The movie is exciting enough to be rated 4 out of 5 stars. Saturday night was painful for me, I meant stomachache MyEm0.Com Almost faint due to certain girls' problems.

Forgot to mention that I watched 'Race to Witch Mountain' on the week before. It's an interesting one rated 4 out of 5 stars as well. Worth watching it.

Sunday was great though. I got rewarded with a shopping spree in Bangsar and a new dress from Mr. Phuah by helping him to do his entire assignment instead of mine first MyEm0.Com More like a transaction than reward, duhh!

As usual, he was frustrating over the car jam yet I could cam-whore happily, haha!

Supposed to catch another movie in Mid Valley but decided to go back home early to continue on our assignments. Sadness.

Disturbed him while he's resting, teehee!

Managed to wake him up but he's ignoring me.

Then, he started to get annoyed.

In the end, he acted cute with the 'big' eyes, haha! I heart this picture for no reason. That's why I said it's gonna be vain, remember? Haha!

Current status: My thoughts start to run wild when my Ipod is in my hand and headset near to my ears. My mood flows so fast with the music I'm listening to. Hmm, wondering whether this has got something to do with PMS.

I'm waiting for weekend to come again.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

~ Memories Never Die ~

There's this place in me where your fingerprints rest,
your kisses linger,
and your whispers softly echo.
It's the place where a part of you will always be a part of me.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~ Go Ga Ga ~

Maybe I couldn't make it for the launch of M.A.C x Hello Kitty cosmetics in Mid Valley, but at least I could make it for the mini version one in Sunway Pyramid and got myself two Kitty balloons MyEm0.Com New and lovely decorations for my room.

We've also got a new plush to 'decorate' and live up our house. Guess what?

Heh. Saw the mini brown thing there pulling my balloon all around the living room?

Yes! My housemate just bought a mini toy poodle.

His cuteness is irresistible although he's getting naughtier.

He's everyone's darling that he's so spoilt!

He adds points to his cuteness by doing silly stuff like hiding his head under Joseph's ass that makes people giggle.

Even Ker Yi wanna learn to be a dog like him, haha!

It's kinda tough though looking after and taking care of him as I never really had a dog before.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

~ Losing Grip ~

It's MOS night once again on 120309, Thursday. Had a hard time making all of my girls to agree to join, I'm usually the only girls in the group most of the time as you can see MyEm0.Com Guess it's worthwhile after all as it turned out to be quite fun. The one who did not want to go the most ended up to be the last one who wanna go back home, haha!

But girls, please remember to bring your IC along whenever you girls hit the club, cause I gotta bring one of my friend back home again to get her stuff and it used up 1 hour of the time I could enjoy. Well, I'm not complaining nor did I mind about the trouble at all, it's just that it might be better if I use the 1 hour to spend time with you girls as there's only a chance once in a blue moon :)

First time hitting the club with the little Jia Hui, and not bumping into him. Thanks for being so protective, haha!

Yeah, obviously I know this guy hates this girl.

Trying so hard to make his face looks fatter.

Finally, a better one.

Yvonne and I.

Again, Seak Hwee and I.

Seak Hwee and I in the toilet.

Lisa the girl whom many guys wanna get close with that night.

Yeiks! I hate my hair with sweat and everything on the dance floor.

The double J, Joseph and Jacky. Maybe guys with the name starting with J are meant to be evil and flirty, haha!

The girl on the very left is Jia Shin.

The girl in the middle is Yvonne.

The 'Fantastic' Four, haha! From left, Shu Huey, Lee Ping, Seak Hwee and I.

And the Big Five, with Rou Gin joining in the Fantastic Four.
Too bad half of Lee Ping's face is covered by my big head.

Lisa, Me, Joseph and Jia Hui.

Oops! I just realised Jia Hui's name is starting from J too, haha!
As well as Jackass and Jerk, LOL!
It's a great night overall. Wish to have more of this kinda outings in future.