Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~ The End of the World ~

Watched the movie '2012' last Friday with the other 16 of them from our gang. That movie was awesome, I would say it's another one of the greatest movies of the year.

Wouldn't dare to imagine if the movie is based on true facts, but there are rumours that they are gonna be true somehow, someday. Well, there's nothing much we could do anyway and it's not impossible for the same thing that happened in the movie to happen in real life. Somehow, I wish that day would really happen but I don't know why.
Ratings: ★★★★★

This is the soundtrack from the movie by Adam Lambert. Just wanna share it with you guys :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~ Trick or Treat ~

Okay, finally I got the time to blog. Been abandoning this blog for weeks.
I realised I blog lesser and lesser, even my posts are getting shorter. Because I do not know who might be reading my blog and I hate the way certain people judged me sometimes. They just can't keep their mouth shut and let people live the life they want :)

Anyway, here comes another late post.
It's Halloween @ Euphoria!
Happy Belated Halloween peeps! *laugh*
Had lotsa fun looking for costumes and also looking at people with all kinds of costumes.
It's awkward and funny, but also fun in the meantime.

So, this is my costume for that creepy night.
It's actually a cat, but many think that it looks like a bunny.
Kitty or bunny? You decide :)

He couldn't decide on what costume to wear at the last minute so he chose the easiest and simplest costume. Guess it's pretty obvious that he's a doctor, more like a pervert doctor maybe? Haha! His costume is totally FREE as I borrowed the lab coat from my friend studying science in school.

Maybe it would be perfect if I dress up as a nurse and we would be a pair *chuckles*

Jacky the soldier x Sophia the kitty.

Moses the vampire trying to take advantage of the poor kitty, LOL!

And here's the pretty and sweet 'Red Indian' but in yellow.

Lovin' the pumpkins which Euphoria made for decorations. They are real pumpkins carved one by one!

Cherish the devil x Sheng Yen the pink nurse x Kitty cat
Photo credits to Keryi Loh.

I'm not sure what this guy is trying to be with the super white painting on his face.

It was the first time Cindy joined us to Euphoria :)

Finally, the disgusting green monster.

For more photos, kindly visit Joseph Phuah's album in Facebook as I'm too lazy to edit and upload all of them. Click here *link*

Lots of Love

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~ Lost Myself in You ~

We were kinda excited hoping to see or maybe just have a peep at Akon. Many has been waiting for him to come to Malaysia I guess.

But who knows! He actually broke his promise with MOS that he'll come.
Well, celebrities will always be celebrities. They call the shot most of the time.

Poor Natalie, who hardly got the chance to come out late at night gotta go back home disappointed.

Yeah, he's the money-minded pimp! Look, he's holding money and girls at the same time.

Chy Weng came too.

He's so skinny that he looks only the same chubby as I am when he did that pose.

Yes, I'm chubby, very chubby. Duhhh.

P/s: Photo credits to Natalie. The boyfie was too lazy to bring his camera that night (:

Lots of Love

Monday, November 2, 2009

~ My Heart is An Apple ~

I'm pretty sure most people would think that I'm an evening person rather than a morning person. But the fact is I like sunlight as it gives me a different type of motivation, although most girls are afraid of sunlight cause maybe they are afraid that they will get darker. Waking up late makes me feel like I'm wasting time, days seem to be so short. But I'm so playful that I have activities anytime, any hour. Of course, I'm a piggie who need to sleep a lot.

And yes! I admit I have super frequent visits to those places opened for nightlife. But many don't understand that "I'm in clubs often but I seldom club". I'm not sure if you guys understand this but I have tonnes of friends working or somehow connected to those places. I don't know why I'm babbling all these nonsense here, maybe I just don't really like it when people judged based on my pictures only and try to give me all sorts of weird advise :)

I did went for movies, shopping and outing with friends but there are just too many things for me to blog so I'll just blog about some special events. This explains why my blog is full of events in clubs :)

Talking bout events, how could we ever missed out MOS 1st Anniversary when we are their frequent visitors right, haha!

This man rawks with his Bape.

Red and black as the theme for the night? It's just pure coincidence :)

Guess who I met after so long? Monica Adele Lawrence the lovely darling!
Finally we got to bump into each other though.

First time taking photos with May Chee, the sweet one.

Also the first time taking photos with Michael Mah, the so-called 'lightman'.

Cherrie is slowly turning into MOS's frequent visitor too, Haha!

Chung How wants to 'snap snap' too!

No comment for those nights in MOS anymore, it's not bored. Maybe it's just that we're too comfortable and used to being there already. So yeah.....I'll let you guys to be the one giving comments alright.

Love Always