Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~ Lost Myself in You ~

We were kinda excited hoping to see or maybe just have a peep at Akon. Many has been waiting for him to come to Malaysia I guess.

But who knows! He actually broke his promise with MOS that he'll come.
Well, celebrities will always be celebrities. They call the shot most of the time.

Poor Natalie, who hardly got the chance to come out late at night gotta go back home disappointed.

Yeah, he's the money-minded pimp! Look, he's holding money and girls at the same time.

Chy Weng came too.

He's so skinny that he looks only the same chubby as I am when he did that pose.

Yes, I'm chubby, very chubby. Duhhh.

P/s: Photo credits to Natalie. The boyfie was too lazy to bring his camera that night (:

Lots of Love

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