Saturday, February 21, 2009

~ Love Is In The Air ~


Apologies for the late post as Valentine's Day is already the matter of a week ago. This day is meant to be associated with romantic love in the memoirs of a guy named St. Valentine. Although it may be just some really common day with the same routines like movies and dinner, but it is memorable enough for me :) This is the second Valentine's Day I'm spending with him and I was in Johor back then during the first one we had gone through.

As we knew everywhere would be packed with couples, so we decided to go to the nearest place, Sunway Pyramid and met up with Wen Tzeh and his girlfriend, Ivy. We were trying our luck with several restaurants but everywhere seemed to be fully booked. At last we settled for Canton-I. Wen Tzeh and Ivy joined us for dinner as well.

Many asked "Valentine's ought to be just between you and him, wouldn't you mind dining with his friends together". Well, I just smiled cause I don't really have an answer actually, LOL. What matters most is that we're happy and we enjoyed, I don't mind anything cause sometimes friends could give me the equal fun.

The famous piggiie-shaped bun from Canton-I. Cuteness :)

The dumb dumb trying to stuff his mouth with the piggiie.

And I'm trying to kiss the same species of mine :D

After dinner, we went for the new-released movie called 'New In Town'. The lines in the cinema was scary so the girls will have to queue while the guys said that they need to go to do their own business. At first, we were kinda frustrated that they made us waited so long. Never did I expect, or maybe we (Ivy and I) expect that the guys came back and sprung us with such a big surprise. I think Ivy got a really huge card from Tzeh.

This is my Sunny Twin, one of the Dooodolls which I've been longing for the whole collection MyEm0.Com Isn't it adorable? I just can't resist the silly grin on his face which makes me wanna pamper him all the time. Every dolls has different characters. The character of Sunny Twin is that with him around, you will know exactly how to please the opposite sex. What a suitable present on Valentine's Day.

And this is my card, me likey! From sweetheart to sweetheart :)

The lines in it are just simple as that but it's enough to cheer me up everytime i look at it.

We spent the last few hours of Valentine's Day in Euphoria again, teehee.

I lay my love on you, and so I lay my face on you :D

Love lockdown

There's so much craziness, surrounding me
There's so much going on, it gets hard to breathe
When all my faith has gone, you bring it back to me
When my head is strong, but my heart is weak
I'm full of arrogance, and uncertainty
You teach my heart to speak
Everybody talking in words I don't understand
You got to be the only one
Who knows just who I am
I guess there's so much more I have to learn
But if you're here with me I know which way to turn
You always give me somewhere,
Somewhere I can learn
You make it real for me

Something that will never change, the No.1 electronic gadgets fanatic.

A horror story began just when he was about to enter his 'digital world'.

He's soooo into his phone that he didn't realise there's something coming from the side to attack him. Wanna know what's that?


And here comes the attack of the legendary scary TOOTHY MONSTER!! Something that looks like the monster in Pacman in the digital world, LOL.

And yet, he still did not realise the appearance of the monster beside him. The TOOTHY MONSTER then turn into POUTY MONSTER but fail to scare him for the second time and gave up. This is what he's thinking, "Eh, why are you staring at me that way? Is there anything weird on my face or around me?"

HAHAHA, I know it's super duper lame cause he did not wanna co-operate well according to my storyline :D

But finally, we did manage to get a serious photo.

I did took several photos with the others like Jacky and the rest but I'm not sure where the hell did Melvin hide them :D Before we end everything for the night, we went to Canai Cafe and it's the first time when everyone made it for the 'yumcha' session. Overall, its a really enjoyable and memorable day that I will never forget MyEm0.Com

You think you won't need me
That you're gonna get you somethin' better,
But you know that we're in this forever,
You can try to push me from you
Nothing you do will keep us apart

I would tell myself that I'll be fine without you
but I would die if I was not around you,
and I can try to convince you
I don't need to be with you,
But my only thoughts are thoughts about you,
What can I do,
Love is like glue.

There's nothing I'd rather do
Than to sit with you forever
Cause it's too late, there's no escape
Might as well face it,
Ain't nothing we can do about it
It's been too long, it's been too strong
Yes, we belong here
Baby, we're stuck with each other
Stuck in love with each other


Friday, February 20, 2009

~ Sunny Day ~

Things seemed to go my way today surprisingly. Never really have this kinda feeling since a long time ago. I found my lost Ipod cable and Bluetooth headset today, finally they are back to my side again. Besides, I've been pampered by all sorts of touching words. Sweetness MyEm0.Com

First, it was my beloved reddish twin who seldom talk much usually not to say being sweet or romantic. But tonight he told me something that is oh-so-touching which would be enough for me to faint for and could even make my tears drop (although I cry easily). Just wanna let you know I felt the same way too.

The second one would be Mr. Jia Hui. Well, although we just got to know each other for around a week, it feels like we've known each other forever. He's oh-so-freaking-different from the first impression he gave me which was not really good, teehee. He's really different and special from other rich kids plus he's cute when he's trying to get pampered. But don't be mistaken, he only lives for Miss JingJing and is not totally available :D

How sweet! :)


*Nothing can be more precious than you*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~ Stories After A Comma ~

More updates of photos and stories for last Friday night in Euphoria. Didn't realise we took so many in one night. I think there are even more on Valentine's Day MyEm0.Com

It seems like pout is the latest trend in town now.

I wonder what are they booing at.

Mushiie trying to be pro with Melvin's camera.

And me being the "model" while he's playing with the camera as I was sitting next to him.

The funny Nesh who looks cute even when he's pointing his middle finger.

Oops! I guess I just cut his fringe into a dumb dumb style and the evil grin on my face shows my satisfaction.

Here I present the lovey dovey couple, Melvin and Arthur.

The guy who can't be moved. Flash us a pretty smile lahh~

The emo boy, Jia Hui who lost his Valentine on Valentine's Eve. P/s: I think he has got a Ferrari when he's just 18 this year and his dad is driving Lamborghini. A good catch for single ladies out there MyEm0.Com HAHAHA!

Anyway, I'm missing those parties and buddies over there real badly while I'm doing my bloggie especially each time my mummy starts nagging again and again MyEm0.Com I couldn't even sleep well cause she'll pull me out from my bed early in the morning and then nag again if I sleep in the afternoon. I couldn't go out freely like I did in Subang. I would get scolded out of sudden when she's got her mood swings and the list goes on. It's killing me MyEm0.Com


*Sunny twin needs her reddish twin so much right now*

Monday, February 16, 2009

~ Freaky Friday ~

We accompanied Daniel to Starhill on Friday night as he wants to trade a bag with Miss Anonymous. Who knows, the Miss Anonymous turned out to be the gorgeous Michelle Kong MyEm0.Com What a small world. Anyway, we had our dinner in Sungai Wang later on then Mushiie, Melvin and his boyfriend, yes, boyfriend came to meet us up. The guys suggested to have a drinking session in Euphoria again MyEm0.Com

Despite the frequent visits to Euphoria, we kinda had fun everytime we're there probably because of the music that is different from other clubs which is oh-so-same all the time and the bunch of friends there who are so fun to be with. Besides, my outfits and hair don't stink so much due to the smoke as smoking is strictly not allowed inside and the most important one, it is so near to my house. Well, I guess all of us love playing around with Melvin's camera and posing for it especially me, teehee. So what cause this is just the way I'm born to be

I'm blushing and I look fat here.

As usual, Dj Ssense in the house.

And this time Dj Nesh joined the group.

We're both in black and white stripes!

Close up for the stripey partners.

What am I looking at? MyEm0.Com

These are all me, miie, ME!

I know there some photos which are super duper ugly but I just don't care, LOL.

By the way, I'm back in Johore again. Daddy mummy force me to and luckily I didn't get so much scolding and nagging from them for what I did to my car MyEm0.Com Anyway, I'll be back to Subang in a week time so it isn't that bad this time.

So, last night I discovered something big from this Mr.J while MSN-ing with him. This cool-looking Mr.J actually loves plushes and stuffy dolls as much as I do. Ended up he got addicted to the Cupido I love more than I do that he gave them genders, haha!

The original Cupido.

The female Cupido.
The male Cupido.
And this is his so-called Mini Jack tied in rubber band. Looks more like a snake head to me, LOL. Don't ask me what's Mini Jack and imagine yourself. It's hard to find guys who are into adorable dolls and plushes as much as I do and don't think that girls are childish.

Updates on Valentine's Day will be up when I got all the pictures.

*I miieesshh you, the other half of sunny twin*