Friday, October 31, 2008

~ Happy Halloween ~

Another paper down from my finals, means I'm already half way through. But for the Finance paper yesterday, I know I'm soooo gonna flunked and I totally screwed it up. Maybe I deserve it, as its the subject I hate the most and no matter how I study my mind and heart wasn't with the book. The night before the paper, I could still went to 1 Utama to have my dinner with Steven and Baby as Steven wanna change the top he bought from Topshop earlier. Whatever it is, I'd better pat my butt and start preparing for my next 2 papers. And it's Halloween today! Gosh~ How am I gonna concentrate and study this way, there's party all over the clubs :D

By the way, I realised my legs are so ugly. There are bruises and scars everywhere, I seem to have hurt myself a lot recently. Went skating in Sunway Pyramid with Baby on Tuesday, it's my second time skating and the first time to skate with him after such a long time. He loves skating and would always ask me along but I refused because I had phobia with the fall which hurts my ass for a week when I learn to skate for the first time, LOL. This time I did not fall as Baby was holding me most of the time, I did scratch my leg with those shoes though. Those shoes they provide are normally not that good quality, haha. Whenever Baby is there for me, everything seems easier. I could actually kinda skate myself already although I still couldn't balance well. Hate to imagine life without u, my Baby Joe :)

Random picture in the car.

Before I stop, Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy to the max and have fun.

*Loves & Hugz*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~ Between You and Me ~

Actually I'm not really in the mood to blog now, plus my cough is getting worse and fever starts to come. Hate that it has been a tradition of mine to be sick for every exams. But not to disappoint my babes and peeps, I'll try to update whatever I can. Don't read if you're rushing for time, I'm sure it'll be a long one as I'm a naggy kind of person, haha. So, let's talk about my colourful weekends. Guess who I met after months of saying that we shall hang out but always end up cancelling plans because of some problems? Look at the picture and you'll know, teehee.

Obviously, it's Leng Leng the babe! She's really "leng" right, haha. She has been pulling me out since Friday, but at last, we decided to make it on Saturday. As I stay quite far from the KL city, so I'm often lazy to get there. At first, I wanted to get there by myself not wanting to trouble anyone but surprisingly, Baby insisted that he would fetch me there and then back. So sweet of you baby :) But I'm afraid he'll get bored when I was with the girls so I went there with my friends and then baby came at night to pick me up. We met up in Pavilion together with some new friends Leng Leng brought with her. They are Madeline, Jacklyn, and Liza. My pleasure meeting them, and Jacklyn is cute. Accompanied them for dinner, did some shopping together, camwhored everywhere we go, haha. After that, they decided to head to Sg Wang and I couldn't tag along as Baby is already on his way.

Me and Seak Hwee again in the car on the way.

In T.G.I Friday. Excuse me for my ugly sitting pose :D

'Camwhor-ing' in the toilet is a must for girls' day out.

In the shop 'Rooms' where Jacklyn is working.

A piece of me.

I guess there's some more pictures in another camera of theirs but I got no idea from who should I get them from, haha. On Sunday, was at home for whole day so at night, Baby and I decided to go for our ice-cream treats in Haagen Dazs as promised. I was having a sudden crave for ice-cream that night, hehe. Only two of us eating the Haagen Dazs fondue and its considered as our dinner, LOL.

He's waiting impatiently for the fondue.

And he couldn't wait to eat even before I took a picture of it.

On Monday night, Baby has the sudden urge to sing so we went to Red Box in Pyramid together with Ker Yi and Wai. I did not sing at all though but I enjoyed looking at him as he sings to me :) I'm always mesmerized by him if he sings while playing his guitar.

Look at his mushroom face, haha. We're actually looking very tired as it's already 3a.m. that night.

It's always the warmest to be in your arms.

I wished you would always be there to snatch things with me this way, you knew I would always let you win.

Guess I have to stop now, time passed like lightning. My next paper is tomorrow and it's the subject I hate most and don't understand the most, haha. Another doomsday ahead. Freaking out now.

*Loves & Hugs*

Monday, October 27, 2008

~ Happy Deepavali ~

Happy Deepavali to all the Hindus and Happy Public Holiday to everyone!
The picture above is from Sunway Pyramid, just some random picture. Have fun and enjoy :)
*thanks to my dearest mummy for your precious console
though I never thought you would. It does meant a lot to me and makes me think so much more.*

Friday, October 24, 2008

~ Just Wanna be With You ~

Completed my Economics paper yesterday but I'm still so worried. Shivered all the while during the paper. I put more effort into it compared to last semester but still, I know I didn't do my very very best. But no point talking about it now as nothing can be changed anymore. My next paper is a week away and I need to pamper myself a little before that, teehee.

So, I reserved few tickets for the movie 'Bangkok Dangerous' in Pavilion. Baby has been waiting for the movie since the posters advertising the movie had been put up. In the evening, Baby came to pick me up and Shean decided to tag along with us as there are extra tickets reserved. Camwhored in the car on the way there as usual, hehe.

Car is always the best place to camwhore.

Sleeping or driving? sepet eyes :D

Yawn all the way.

Had dinner after we reached and at first, we wanted to have Haagen Dazs after the dinner but were too bloated for that, haha. I promised baby to treat him the Haagen Dazs fondue ice cream as he never try that before. Perhaps next time :)

We walked around the shopping mall before the movie starts, and I realised my shopping list gets longer and longer. Gotta control myself and shut my eyes, haha. The movie is exciting and is worth to watch, I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars. On the way back home while waiting for Shean to get some stuff, I forced him to camwhore again *evilish smile*.

The innocent look.

The 'act-cute' look.

The fierce look.

I love P.I.G.S

Anyway, the new episode of 'Gossip Girl' is already waiting for me, hehe. I think I'm going to be sick soon, been coughing badly and my nose started to be 'stucked', wanna roll myself up under the blanket now and enjoy the drama. Gotta go, you know you love me, xoxo.

*Loves & Hugz*

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~ Simple Day Simple Surprise ~

Been enjoying everyday and every moment recently. Though there are changes happening all the time, I think most of them are good ones and I could still deal with myself. On Monday, went for lunch at Kim Gary, Sunway Pyramid together with Voon Hee, Ker Yi and of course, my baby. Then, he said he was going to the washroom but came back with a little surprise for me. He bought few boxes of my favourite Meiji chocolates at a shop selling Japan products. He knows I can't live without chocolates, teehee. Thanks baby, for being so sweet :)

It was a girls' day out for me yesterday, and it's as fun as usual. But this time we so are so much braver, haha. I mentioned before I just got my car, so I drove to Sunway to pick up my little girls and then, Seak Hwee drove all the way to Bangsar with the others helping her to find the right way. We do not really know the road there as it was our first time going to Bangsar, and our driving skills are still *ermmm,hesitating* :D. Thank God, we are able to reach there and come back safely, haha. But I really hate those pervert uncles on the road trying to stop so close beside our car to talk or even take our phone numbers -_- . Puh-lease, don't ever think that girls are good to bully okay.

Anyway, back to the point, our main reason going there was to celebrate Lee Ping's birthday earlier, as she might be celebrating her birthday with the bf on the very special day its own. So, we went to a really cute-refreshing-look cafe, called Marmalade in Bangsar Village. The environment and food are quite good. I would say. Before leaving the shop, I bought 4 little yummy cupcakes for my baby as he was not feeling well yet worrying for me at home.

Cute decorations.

Lee Ping, Shu Huey & I.

All of us.

After that, we decided that it's time for some window shopping! Well, for most girls, when Bangsar is mentioned, I think the first thing that would ever pop out in mind are those lovely boutiques with lovely clothes right? Before that, I did meet up with Quan Wei for a very short while and he passed me something which he wanted to since months ago. P/s: Thanks for your present.

We saw many nice clothes, but ended up not buying anything, I wonder why, haha. So, we headed back home. Before that, the girls wanted to have a short trip admiring the night scenery of KL. And guess what, we took the wrong turn and took around 1 hour to reach Subang -_- . Luckily I had some really detailed advice of direction from my baby through the phone, if not, we might take more time to reach.

In the car on the way back.

Last night, my baby decided to sleep over at my place to accompany me to study, but we ended up sleeping like piggies, haha. Was too tired after a 'panicky' day with the girls :D . Can't wait to watch the next episode of Gossip Girl but I got to control myself, sigh. I'm soooooo obssessed with the drama. My first paper for my finals is TOMORROW! Gosh. And it's Economics, one of my weakest subjects. Wish me luck and I am actually planning something else for tomorrow night rather than concentrating on my books, hehe.

Stay tune,

*Loves & Hugz*

Monday, October 20, 2008

~ Satisfied with the Feeling of Satisfaction ~

Well, apologies for the really slow update as I've been going through a hectic week. Anyway, let's start from Thursday night alright. Went to Euphoria, MOS in Sunway that night as Seak Hwee suddenly came to persuade me to accompany her and be her dance partner because at first, she thought that her gang of friends are all guys. Bet there is no other more enjoyable activity to do in club other than dancing the night away with your favourite girl friends,agree? teehee. So, I called the bf up to let him know about it, and guess what, he said he's considering to join his buddies to Euphoria as well. At last, yeah, all of us decided to go together. It's been ages since all of us gathered like that night. It was considered fun overall, and the companion of the big number of friends is really an addition to the fun. But, somehow, I'm in better mood to camwhore than to party that night, haha. So here I present the pictures.

The only three girls out of the group that night.

Part of the group.

The bonding threesome.

Renee & I.

Wen Tzeh acting silly.

Steven & I.

Mushroom Ker Yi & Mushroom Sophia.

The longest best girl friend of mine, Seak Hwee :)

Last but not least, my Baby Joe & I, the Josophia :)

On Friday night, Baby Joe and his gang of friends suggested to watch movie in Sunway Pyramid. So, they came to pick me up and we decided to watch Max Payne. The movie was okay for me, but not very understandable for certain parts. I would rate the movie 3 out of 5 stars.

Then it was Sunday, when my parents came to Subang to look me up. And guess what, they are bringing my beloved car together with them for me! teehee. Its another 'finally'!! Thanks daddy mummy, and don't worry, I'll be extra careful and I will dote on my car so much :) Hopefully I am still able to discipline myself even with a car, haha. It's so much more convenient. Imagine I have to travel from my house to the university everyday without my own car, sigh. And i couldn't get to see my baby when I want to,hehe.

After they reached, I accompanied them to have their lunch in Sunway Pyramid. Then my mum did some shopping while I lead her way ( I memorised every direction in Sunway Pyramid as I'm there at least 2 times a week -.- ). We went to Watson and I got myself some really cute cosmetics. Its the new brand in Malaysia, as it is only available in Taiwan and Japan before this and I have to ask my friend to get for me online everytime I want which is so troublesome. Now it's available in most Watson's stores. It is the brand 'Majolica Majorca' by Shiseido. I love it because the price is reasonable and affordable compared to other brands like Anna Sui, their packages are cute, and most importantly, they are nice to use especially their mascaras and eyeliners. I can't resist how cute their packages are and I bought myself the whole collection, not whole actually but almost, haha.

That's all for the week and it is an interesting one for me indeed. I got several things in my wishlist fulfilled though there's still a lot more on it, so satisfied :) P/s: Thanks to Seak Hwee for accompanying my parents with me and be there for me during my first time ever driving in Selangor,haha.

*Loves & Hugz*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

~ Finally! ~

Hey peeps! Finally I manage to publish my first ever post in my first ever blog which I had actually created like....3-4 months ago, I guess? haha~ This shows how procrastination and laziness has stolen away my precious time and yet, I could not get rid of myself from that really bad habit *guilty*. In fact, I'm getting worse. Wanna know why? Because I should be revising for my exam which is going to start on next Thursday but I'm actually here blogging, teehee. Sigh, I wonder why I never really have the mood to study and the worst part is, I'm actually not too worried about it. Fingers crossed and pray hard for me :) Anyway, this is my first time blogging and hope that you guys could forgive if it actually sucks or if I'm a super duper big lamer. And of course, I hope for more support as I improve on it alright. Till then,
*Loves & Hugz*