Friday, May 29, 2009

~ Hot and Cold ~

I might have swallowed a 'fire ball' few days ago or what. I've got no idea why I'm having this really fiery temper lately. I would lose my temper out of sudden even for the smallest or slightest matter. I bite if you don't listen to me while I'm talking or asking something. I roar if you stop me from doing or getting anything I want. I kill if you offend me. No joke, I'm seriously serious.

BUT, I'm sincerely sorry to him especially, he's always the worst and only victim when I'm facing these kinda hormone-imbalance-days. Just please don't put everything in your heart and bear a little with me okay? teehee. I'm actually delighted that you took the effort to bring and accompany me to shop around and get what I want even you're exhausted after college.

While waiting for the boy to finish his class and pick me up for lunch today, I found some photos and also took some new ones using the 'Photo Booth' application in my MacBook.

Some 'normal' pictures first.

Saw all the soft toys on my bed? I can't sleep without them, teehee.

I'm still a naive little girl who likes to act cute and desire peace.

Before scrolling down,
WARNING: Do NOT continue reading if you are suffering from heart attack or some other serious illness.

Took this some time ago. Yeah, I wear specs and I'm a nerd. This was taken at home when image is not a concern at all.

Hmm..ghosts showing their not-so-white teeth?

And this, I guess I'm trying really hard to try if I could make my eyes pop out? haha!

I know this is so freaking UGLY. But I just feel like posting it up. So, whatever and who cares. Bleh.

And my beloved claimed that the last 2 pictures of mine up there looks like this monster called Insectosaurus in the movie 'Monsters vs. Aliens'. Agree? Haha!

In fact, we just came back from movie in Mid Valley. Now, Mid Valley has become the substitution of Sunway Pyramid for us. Watched 'Terminator Salvation' and it rocks.
Ratings: ✭✭✭✭

~ The London Affair ~

Want something from Topshop, Miss Selfridge or Dorothy Perkins but think that they cost too much?
Thinking of getting something from the city of fashion and design yet they seem to be unreachable?

If your answer for both of the questions are yes, then click on this:

They are bringing you the most trendy and popular fashion originally from London.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~ Destination Unknown ~

There are many crossroads in life.
Sometimes, we would go the wrong way.
And for some, we have to bear certain consequences.
But still, we have to go on exploring,
Even destination remains unknown.

Anyway, let's talk about the weekend.

Went to Ampang Square in Sunway Pyramid again with my housemates cause they are really addicted to KTV. Not many nice pictures taken and it's almost the same people in most of the pictures, I'm just too lazy to upload them, teehee.

Headed to Mid Valley with the intention to watch 'Night at the Musuem 2'. Heard all kind of comments that the movie is great and hilarious. Unfortunately, the tickets are all either fully booked or sold out till midnight. So, we ended up watching 'Monsters vs. Aliens 3D' and it's really cute and funny. Rate it as ✭✭✭✭.

Not satisfied for not getting to watch 'Night at the Museum 2' the night before. So, Steven went to Sunway Pyramid to buy the ticket few hours earlier just to make sure we won't miss it again this time round. Yeah, it's hilarious and nice, but I personally think that 'Night at the Museum 1' is a better one. Basically, they only changed the venue and added new characters in. I would rate it as ✭✭✭ 1/2.

Finals is just around the corner. I wouldn't get to play as much as I want anymore. I don't hate studying but I seriously hate exams *big sigh*.

Monday, May 25, 2009

~ Gonna Get Caught ~

I've got tonnes of out-dated posts cause I'm just so lazy these few weeks. Maybe I'm kinda busy hanging around and also handling some work.


Cam-whored while waiting for my housemates to get ready.

Same club, same gang, same time again and again. But this time I've brought more hot chicks together with me. The guys went first cause the girls need more time to prepare, teehee.

The photos are kinda blur cause it's taken by the camera on our phones.

It's really happening that night, met many friends. Too bad we didn't get to take many photos as I have to go back early for not feeling really well.

2 days after MOS, on a Saturday on the same week, with 3 special guests we went to the KTV, Ampang Square in Sunway Pyramid. Before that, we went to watch the movie 'Angels and Demons'. It's an awesome movie and I would rate it ✭✭✭✭. The movie makes my passion for Rome to have gone deeper.

First time going to the KTV with these 3 girls. They are seriously hardcore people I swear, haha! FYI, they are from Korea and Indonesia.

The best housemate I ever had and will only be having them as housemates till next month.

I forgot the name of the guy on the left cause his name is in Korean. Anyway, he's Seul Ki's friend.

Clockwise: Seul Ki, Jessica, Catherine, and me myself of course.

Count us lucky, there are only around 12 of us that night yet they gave us a room so big that it can fill around 30 people in. The girls then gone crazy since we had the whole room for ourselves and the room actually has laser lights.

He loves to disturb when the girls are taking photos.

Steven and the girls. I wonder why he had to cross his hands so tightly like he's marching, haha!

Time for some group pictures.

All of us present with Joseph as the photographer.

Then, they took turns and Steven became the one with the camera.

Had lotsa fun with those girls and guys cause we share the same point, which is CRAZY! Sometimes, we don't plan before we do but we plan as we go along. Just sometimes and it's exciting :)


~ Feel the Pain ~

Watched free-style basketball at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam last Wednesday. There are 9 of us altogether, almost the same gang as usual. It sounds kinda weird that we would actually watch BASKETBALL, right? It's not us, haha! If it's a rave, it would sound more approriate or suitable for us, teehee. Free-style basketball is not a serious or decent basketball competition though, the players are actually showing different tactics they could do using a basketball while cracking jokes.

Anyway, we went since we have 10 free tickets on hand which worth around 100+ bucks each. So, why waste it?

The stadium is not full but the audiences are not so few either.

There are 2 teams of players.

The team with blue shirt is actually the main team.

One of the players are playing with the ball with different ways.

Another thing is all of those people are so HUGE that they could even climb up and hang themselves on the net for minutes.

The show is quite funny though. At least it's something different from what we would normally watch or do.

Unfortunately, my stomach hurts like hell on that day. Yes, the entire day. Ate something wrong I guess. It's awful.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

~ Better Man ~

Together with Lee Ping and Shu Huey, we went to Bangsar on Monday afternoon. And guess what, I bumped into Evangeline and Daniel Lim there!

The one who didn't want to go to Bangsar at first spent the most and surprisingly, I'm the one who spent the least. I've turned over a new leaf maybe? Haha! Had fun catching up with the girls from time to time anyway :)


~ Your Call ~

The phone rang,
early in the morning when my eyelids were still heavy.
A call from the dearest and most wonderful woman,
whispering with tears rolling down her cheeks,
I could imagine.

It is proven,
How unpredictable and fragile life could be,
The cheerful yet tough smile of her loved one is now lost,
or maybe gone forever.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

~ Money Honey ~

Went to Fullhouse for dinner again last Wednesday.

It was Steven's and Jia Hui's first time there.

All of us together with Joseph the 'photographer'.

I stole this from Mr. Phuah's bloggie, teehee. The new version of 007 with new version of smaller gun.

Jia Hui caught me acting cute.

Met a new friend before we went back, haha!

On Friday, we went to The Gardens with the same bunch of people as there's sales going on at Club Monaco. The guys got to buy 1 piece each from different brands and I got nothing. Then, Jia Hui introduced us to some restaurant for dinner. I forgot the name of that shop though.

Obviously, I stole this picture from his blog again, teehee. The food doesn't taste as nice as how their pictures look like.

Look at their faces. Now we know Jia Hui's recommendation can't be trusted, haha!

Soon after dinner, Cherish and Jia Hui gotta head back home first. So, the rest of the gang went to Mid Valley for movie.

A quick one while on the escalator.

While we're heading to Mid Valley for the movie 'Push'.

The movie was a little similar to 'Heroes'. I'll rate the movie as ✭✭✭ 1/2.
It's recommended to watch.