Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~ World Above the Water ~

Party Cruise @ The Mines Resort

The scenery from the cruise.

Had the honour to be invited together with Deejay Ssense to join the cruise and also the amazing party people (:

Aren't they hot? Most of them are from Ukraine, Peru, or countries similar to those.

The only bunch of pure Asians on board maybe? Haha!

His vampire tooth is coming out. Heh.

Abang and 'sister-in-law' kesayangan.

It's been some time since I last took a photo with Steven.

Not forgetting to snap a few pictures with the DJ on cruise.

And few of those party people (:

Love Always

Monday, October 19, 2009

~ Hope For The Hopeless ~

Well, I know it's weird and funny and impossible.
If you think I'm showing off, go ahead. I just know I'm not.
But yes, I'm one of the 20 girls being shortlisted to be auditioned for FHM 'Girl Next Door' last Sunday.
I happened to be persuaded to fill up the form by the crew who came to Euphoria last few weeks, and also, I happened to be shortlisted. Never in my wildest dream did I expect that I would be chosen when so many other girls out there might want this. I even forgot that I filled up the form before until the text message came.
I wasn't too excited or desperate, I was just too surprised.
It's something new and different for me.
I gave it up because of some personal reasons.
And now I'm wondering if I would regret one day for not trying out to get to know the feeling of having such an audition while I'm still young.
And now, I would never ever know what the ending would be if I did give it a shot.
Since it's already too late, I shall just accept the fate and hope for something better :)

Love Always

Sunday, October 18, 2009

~ A Child at Heart ~

Yes, I'm a girl often feel, think and even behave more like a child than a grown-up.
A girl who needs soft toys to hug to sleep,
A girl who is often seen with a lollipop in her mouth,
A pampered, naive, little princess who needs a lot of care and attention,
A girl who always believe in fairy-tales when they do not even exist,
And a girl who cries when solving problems.

The process of growing up is just harder and more dramatic for some of the girls.
Look at how much I hate to accept the 'ugly truth' of life and to grow up when I don't even want to use a bigger trolley. Duhh.

I know this post is super random and lame, but I'm just tired of writing posts about my routine and parties or events. Anyway, I read this article in the magazine and I think that it's quite true so I wanted to share it with my readers. Here it goes:

To open up your mind, you need to change the way you think.
1. Avoid blaming your past. Push those negative feelings away and enter new situations with an open mind.
2. Remember you can't be liked all of the time, so just be yourself.
3. Don't expect to get everything right, learn to accept that some things go wrong.
4. Avoiding challenges may be safe and comfy, but you'll never learn. Setting small challenges would help to boost self-confidence.

Just some opinions of mine (:

Lots of Love

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~ Killing The Blues ~

It was quite a terrible week for me last week. Had food poisoning and it took me at least 3 days to be fully recovered. The girls planned for a day of 'pre-exam de-stress session' and I didn't get to join them. Missed out on a trip to Sunway Lagoon with them but fortunately, I felt better at night and I got to join them for some night activities :)

It's Mix Tape @ Euphoria.

And the girls started to be picky taking a photo that everyone could really be satisfied with again *chuckle*

This is the first choice of mine among all the photos I guess.

But, some of them are not satisfied so we took more and more pictures.

Again and again.

Managed to take some photos with a few of our old friends from hometown before heading back home.

Of course, all those photos are credited to this silly ass Mr. Phuah.
His eyes look kinda weird here, I don't know why *giggle*

It was definitely another enjoyable night but what I hate about Thursday night is that it's too crowded and you can feel the heat even if you're already wearing so little sometimes.

And oh, did I mention the FHM crew is there that night to look for potential girls to be the 'Girl Next Door'. Few of us were asked to try our luck. Just like what we expected earlier on, none of us got chosen, not even for the audition *laugh*
We filled up the form just for fun anyway.

Till then,
Lots of Love

Saturday, October 10, 2009

~ Nightlife Flash ~

240909 @ Zouk

The idea of having a ladies night at Zouk popped out from nowhere. It's actually my first time there, I know I'm super out-dated, Heh.
It's supposed to be a ladies night but the guys just couldn't resist to tag along to be our bodyguards *chuckles*

White angels in action!

I You, You Me
We are happy family~

Girls would always be girls. We just couldn't leave the camera alone for a short while, yet, wanna be picky for photos.

Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3.

The honey pie from Penang (:

This guy likes everything in white, it's his favourite.
I bet that night was one of his favourite night as well.

The youngest among the bunch.
Don't ever try to guess his real age if you do have heart attack.

I used to think white is ordinary. But recently, I think that white is pure and innocent and that's what I like. I enjoyed the night a lot! (:

P/s: Photo credits to Evangeline and Cherrie.

Lots of Love

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~ Twirling World ~

The boyfie just got himself a new fish eye lens around a fortnight ago.
And it was Hari Raya holiday. The whole big bunch of us decided to head to Pavilion for a mini shopping spree.

All of us love playing with the new lens so much that we took photos altogether wherever we go *Duhh*

First, we took this on the stairs in the Juicy Couture's boutique. Photography is prohibited in the shop and of course, we took this secretly. But still, we ended up got yelled by a lady staff and we just ignored her and went out from the boutique *grin*

Then, it was right in front of the shop 'Cotton On'. All the girls came out from the shop smiling happily and you know what it means *chuckles*

And the last one in front of the fountain at the main entrance of Pavilion.

We're trying to form a Toot-Toot-Train.

This is hilarious! I know I look fugly here but in fact, everyone's out of shape, Haha! Chalam even got a big tummy here.

Monday, October 5, 2009

~ It's Cold Around Me ~

A Short Trip to Genting

As sudden as always,
10.15am - The boyfie asked if I want to join them in for their 2 days 1 night trip to Genting.
10.45am - I hesitated for some time but they managed to persuade me so I agreed.
12.30pm - Done preparing and packing our stuffs. Waiting and calling everyone to gather.
1.00pm - Off we go! We even had our lunch in the car in order to save time.

Obviously, we went uphill by bus and then cable car.

Some girls are afraid of heights but for me, I love being high up somewhere. Roller coaster is an exception though *laugh*

Feeling the excitement in the cable car.

That's William, the boyfie's cousin who came back from Japan for holiday. Is looking away from the camera while taking photos a trend in Japan? Haha!
I do think that this picture is kinda 'spoilt' by the pole in the middle.

After all those waiting and traffic jam on the way from Subang to Genting, we finally reached around 4-ish in the afternoon. Checked in the hotel and placed our luggage, get some rest while the guys are already preparing to get in the casino. They just can't wait!

It's my first time trying my luck to get into the casino and guess what, I actually managed to get in without being asked *grin* But normally, people don't get so lucky twice in a day.
After dinner, we did try to get in again but we got stopped. Only the guys are able to get in so the girls (the boyfie's cousin sister and gf) went to Starbucks to chill and chit chat.

Jia Hui and few of his friends did came to look us up after that. Basically, all of us spent our night walking around and enjoying the cool breeze and night scenery.

Girlfriend of the boyfie's cousin brother and I.

And this is Tigger, a new friend for all my plush toys on bed.
The boyfie played for uncountable times on those kiddie machines just to get me this.
Thanks love!

Although it's just a short and ordinary trip, it's still considered as a memorable one for me (:


Sunday, October 4, 2009

~ Innocence Plays in The Backyard of Ignorance ~

Jia Hui's Sweet 17
080909 @ Jia Hui's Crib

Happy 17th Birthday! *Meh Meh*

His handsome but stinky dog, Haha! Pity the dog as no one wanna bath for him, but still he looks charming (:

The pimp! A black one.

I know you want me, you know I want cha!

Zoey, who came all the way down from Penang.

Look who's this! It's been ages since I last saw her. At least a year, I suppose.
It's a pleasure getting to see her again. She's such a sweetie pie (:

I felt like digging a hole under and hide inside when I'm standing next to all these pretty girls.

The first one on the left is the first runner up after Ker Yi. Ker Yi, who is the winner of the night was actually there but he went MIA soon after he reached, sleeping like a log in the room. And the first runner up actually left a vomit stain on the carpet of Jia Hui's house.

I don't know whose idea is this to put the bottle on our head =.=

My favo picture of the day!

Lurb Lurb <3

Continued the celebration on the next day which is also 090909 in Euphoria.

Saw quite a number of familiar faces that night. And the first one I met was San Yee, the new girl in town from Kelantan.

Next is Cheryl, the pretty petite.

The silly and one of the special guests, Titus.

Another long-time-no-see friend, Stephy.

Tze Ming came and joined us after that.

First time taking photo with Johnson. He's so shy.