Friday, July 31, 2009

~ Habits are Unchangeable ~

220709 - Milkshake @ Euphoria

Habits are hard to change. No matter how I promised and stopped myself from going, I would still end up tagging this guy along. Not my fault, they forced me *laughs*

The sweetie pie who belongs to Dj Nesh, Ushar Danielle.

Pei Wen, a long friend of mine. Got to know her since I first came to KL around 2-3 years ago.

Steven said I'm too tall beside him in my heels, so I have to 'give face' and shortened myself.

Super act cute.

Everyone has their own bad hair day right, so do I.

All of the guys went K.O. that night. Even those who never got drunk no matter how, was half dead too. Some vomited. And the boy even left me with a phobia for "char kuay teow" *inside joke*

Updates on my blog have been really slow as I'm so lazy due to classes and hanging around all the time. There are many posts awaiting and there'll be a 'new' me coming :)
Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

~ Oh-My-God It's Domokun!! ~

Say me out-dated, say me whatever. I've been having this fetish on the creature called 'Domokun' for some time and I've yet to own one myself. But the boy promised to get me one soon, teehee. I've got so many toys on my bed already but I don't care, I want more and more. This is the latest wallpaper in my lappie :)

Domokun says: URGGHH...I rule the world!!

Domokun says: ARGGHH...I need sweet stuffs, I need desserts!!
And I'm heading to Lecka Lecka for chilling session with my abang or brother or whoever real soon :) Will update again when I've got my pictures alright.


Friday, July 24, 2009

~ Red is The Devil ~

I'm not a big football fan. Well, actually most of us who went to the match are not. We went maybe because it's a rare competition. A match between 'Manchester United' and the Malaysia's football team was held in Bukit Jalil Stadium on Monday.

Of course, we sided MU and not Malaysia *Laugh*

Only 2 of them who wore jersey to the match.

Spot Rooney in the photo? He's the only one who has the loudest cheer from the crowd.

Chasing and going towards their goal.

One of the players from Malaysia's team has been 'sandwich-ed' in between *Laugh*

The match is not as exciting as those we often watch in the TV though. Maybe because their opponent's motto is 'Malaysia Boleh'? LOL.

I guess I'd better stop discriminating as I shall not forget I'm a Malaysian too *Grin*

Anyway, Manchester United won the match by 2-0.

❤ ❤ ❤

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~ Out To Get Me ~

WARNING: Tonnes of haggard pictures ahead *grin*

I'm back!! What to do on the first night after losing connection for 2 weeks? Teehee. Well, I'm actually super tired on that night as I could only manage to catch 2 hours of sleep on the night before I'm back, I don't know why. Maybe I'm too excited or too sad, a mixture of both I suppose.

Ahem, I'm now the new promoter for Euphoria. *LAUGHS*

Spot the word at the corner of the picture above? Obviously, the word 'Euphoria' shows where I've been. It's like my second home where I meet up with the little brother, Jia Hui and the abang, Dj Ssense and the Mr.Potato, Jacky and the list goes on. Guess I do not have to repeat it again and again in every post of my blog.

Am loving being squeezed by him :)
A fortnight seemed to be forever without touching and feeling him.

Hug me tightly and never let go.

The little brother, Jia Hui who always thinks that he's cute.

With all the so-called brothers.

Shopping day!! Not only me who can't resist the Mega Sales that is going on everywhere right now, the boy can't resist it as well. Yeah, we're both big spender *grin*

Took this before we went out.

Went to Dome for 'English Breakfast'. This cup of tea makes my PMS this month a lot worse.

Look at his stupid face!

Brother and sister fighting over a Blackberry Bold, Haha!

Another simple weekend I would say.


Friday, July 17, 2009

~ Colour Me Up ~

My days have been almost lifeless for 2 weeks that even my picture has also became black and white *laugh* I won't say that this is exactly the place where I belong but it feels like I'm finally back to where I can be more like myself :) I miss daddy mummy though *sob*

XOXO . . Sophia

Thursday, July 16, 2009

~ Shining Smile ~

You are always the only eligible person to have drawn my smile so perfectly. I'm glad that the owner of my stolen heart is you and I hope that you would place my heart right there together with yours always. Because of you, my days are full of joy and also tears. However, I would say thanks for making everything seems colourful when there are only black and white in my world.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~ We Glow in the Dark ~

Oops! I left out this post which was supposed to be due around two weeks ago. Since I'm so free nowadays, I shall post it up :)

250609 @ Euphoria

Seak Hwee tag along this time. Everyone loves her hat and borrowed it for fun, so did I. Teehee~

Surprisingly and also unsurprisingly, many Monash people are spotted in the club! Yeah, everyone's out to release stress as exams have just ended.

Abang wants to take a photo with Seak Hwee and I don't know why I ended up in the middle, Haha!

Us together with Dj Nesh and Dj Ssense.

It's really crowded at the dance floor that night so we basically dance a little and just go to the Deq to chill.

The boy joined in.

The only girls out of the big gang who went.

Then, Daniel joined in for photo.

Steven joined as well. The width of the photo is becoming longer and longer.

Really had lotsa fun :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~ Little Brown ~

Missing this little brown creature so much! Doubt I'll get to see him again *sob*
Looks like I'm strangling and forcing him to take photo, Haha!

Look! Even the boy loves him so much. Look at how adorable it looks sleeping like a human being.

Fortunate dog indeed, some people don't even have life as good as him *laugh*

I want a poodle so much as well but I know I won't be a good mommy so I guess I'd better not :(

❤ ❤ ❤

Monday, July 13, 2009

~ Back to the Childish Ways ~

I'm feeling kinda pissed off, kinda sad, kinda frustrated right now.
Felt like I've got no privacy at all. From MSN to Friendster to Facebook and then now blog, they would just hunt me down. I'm a young adult right now no matter what, could you all just give me some space to breathe and do what I want? Instead of back-stabbing and giving comments on everything I do when we actually have special bonds. Please, let me be. I know what I'm doing. Sometimes, I wish I'm in some place where nobody knows me.

Anyway, please drop me your email address for those who often read my blog or maybe those who still wish to come back and read it cause I'll be making it private for some time. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks! :)

❤ ❤ ❤