Monday, September 21, 2009

~ Don't Waste Your Youth Growing Up ~

Someone please slap me! I'm getting lazier and lazier each day to do everything, including eating. This explains why my blog is soon-to-be-dead. Anyway, September seems to be a good month, there are so many birthdays that fall on this month.

Shu Huey's 20th @ Sky Bar

Her exact birthday is actually on the 28th but we decided to celebrate it 3 weeks earlier as we predicted that all of us would be busy with our own work load till her birthday is over.

It's our first time to Sky Bar.

The interior design is special and classy. I kinda love the ambience there.

The scenery looking out from Sky Bar. It's amazing.

The five of us as always :)

With our very own cocktail. Mine was lychee flavoured ( I forgot the name) and it tastes kind of sweet, not bad.


Yvonne's friends then came to join us.

A picture for all the pretty ladies *cough cough* LOL!

A surprise birthday cake for the sweetie pie.

The birthday girl actually cried! Know why? We gave her the biggest surprise of the year for secretly inviting her brother and the girlfriend to come together with her cake. A memorable and touching birthday for her indeed, she said :)

Thanks to the co-operation of the fellow organizers, two special guests and of course, the birthday girl.

Soon after that, another bunch of friends of mine came. The girls decided to go for a second round somewhere else. The fun and excitement they had is giving them the drive to party all night long so they didn't wanna waste it just like that *laugh*

So, the girls decided to head to Quattro and I went to accompany my bunch of friends for a short while before all of us went to Quattro to join the girls again.

Me together with the Abang and Abang-in-law, Haha!

Tried to take a photo with KLCC as the background but failed.

Continued the fun at our next stop, Quattro, since the bar is closing earlier on Sundays. Our first time to Quattro as well. Lots of "first time" in a particular night uh.

It's nice meeting Sabrina, Yvonne's friend.
The so-called sister for 6 years. We've been through thick and thin together.

Once again, all the ladies.

And one last group picture before they went back home.

The girls hafta go back home earlier as some of them who are staying in the hostel do have curfew. After that, I went over to join the other bunch of friends again.
Multi-function Sophes *grin*

Take a closer look at the guy, second from the left. He looks like the main character from the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire', doesn't he?

That's the reason why we called him 'Jai Ho'. His real name is Amir by the way :)

Another sweetie pie and also Euphoria's kaki, Sheng Yen.

She looks cute here *Bleh*

Last but not least, a big big group picture.

All and all, I kinda love Sky Bar and I might go there again someday. As for Quattro, I still think it would be better to go to Euphoria instead. It's just my opinion.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

~ Let's Rock! ~

Merdeka Eve Celebration @ Euphoria

Happy 52nd Birthday, Malaysia! :)

Getting ourselves painted to show our love for the country.

The after effect. Spot his Malaysia's flag?

Showing off my painted heart with the colours of Malaysia's flag.
Looks like the heart shape in Powerpuff Girls to me though.

The patriotic gang. As if we're really patriotic, Haha!

Out of everyone I've met, it's you I love.

And I might love you more than I realise.

Here comes the one who 'kacau' us, Haha!

Our trademark pose *Peace*

Posing with the 'Abang' who sayang me a lot :)

Somehow, I love this picture. Unfortunately, it's too bright.
Chalam's expression is so funny, Haha!

This little guy who came all the way from Kelantan to celebrate Merdeka Eve with us.

Steven is so tiny that I'm taller than him in heels *grin*

Time for group pictures.

I realised I keep on doing the same pose all night long just to show the painted heart on my arm.

All guys and no girls? No way! Girls are for life :)

Not to leave out Venice Tan, from KL.

Jacky's disciple in drinking, Kelly.

Last but not least, the guy who came back from Japan for vacation, William.
He's actually one of the boyfie's cousins. All of them do really look alike.

Here we proudly present the flag of Malaysia before I end this post.
Happy Merdeka Malaysia!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

~ Find The Light ~

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?
It's hard to make a decision whether to follow your heart or face the reality sometimes.
And at times when we actually knew the answer deep inside, it's the Fear
That hold us back, sinking us in the sea of dilemma and afraid to stand up.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~ I Did It My Way ~

Went to Mid Valley for dinner and movie again on last Thursday and Friday, two days in a row.

Took some photos before going out :)

Had dinner at Madam Kwan's, with my favourite 'Nasi Lemak'.

Watched 'The Final Destination' in 3D. The movie was a little too short and the way those characters died in the movie is disgusting for me. But the movie is meant to be disgusting, right. Haha! Ratings: ★ ★ ★

The night before, we watched 'I Love You, Beth Cooper'.
Personally, I kinda love that movie. It's super hilarious and it's really romantic in certain parts of that movie but some may think that the story-line isn't that good.
Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★

I realised my blog is getting shorter and shorter, as I type lesser and lesser. I'm just too lazy and also busy to manage those photos that I wanted to upload them. Anyway, please be patient that my blog would come alive again once I sorted out those photos. There are many posts awaiting to be updated, including Merdeka Eve. So, stay tuned :)

~ Paint My Love ~

Post Birthday Dinner @ KLCC

Supposed to have dinner on the night of his birthday at Chilli's, KLCC which is my favourite restaurant but plan changed due to some sudden and inevitable reasons. It sucks so much that the worst time of the month for some girls actually came to me right on his birthday. Unfortunately, we have to postpone our so-called 'candlelight dinner'. I'm actually rather disappointed but there's no one I could blame, right.

The next day, we went to KLCC but again, we're so unlucky that Chilli's was so packed that we have to wait for an hour. All of them were already starving so we might as well change our venue to 'The Apartment'.

His baked fish.

My prawn spaghetti.

He's ignoring me when I'm talking to him. Hmmpf!

Walked around the fountain in front of KLCC after the dinner and started cam-whoring.

Chalam loves cam-whoring a lot!

Finally, moi with the silly ass. Lovin' the background :)

Watched 'Dance Flick' later on. It was the worst movie I've ever watched I guess.
For those who has not watch that movie yet, please do not waste your money.
Ratings: ★

Everyone of us was so dissatisfied with the movie that we decided to watch another one straightaway. So, we watched the Cantonese movie named 'Laughing Gor'.
Ratings: ★ ★ ★

And that's the end of all the celebration for his birthday. Hope he enjoyed :)