Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~ Trick or Treat ~

Okay, finally I got the time to blog. Been abandoning this blog for weeks.
I realised I blog lesser and lesser, even my posts are getting shorter. Because I do not know who might be reading my blog and I hate the way certain people judged me sometimes. They just can't keep their mouth shut and let people live the life they want :)

Anyway, here comes another late post.
It's Halloween @ Euphoria!
Happy Belated Halloween peeps! *laugh*
Had lotsa fun looking for costumes and also looking at people with all kinds of costumes.
It's awkward and funny, but also fun in the meantime.

So, this is my costume for that creepy night.
It's actually a cat, but many think that it looks like a bunny.
Kitty or bunny? You decide :)

He couldn't decide on what costume to wear at the last minute so he chose the easiest and simplest costume. Guess it's pretty obvious that he's a doctor, more like a pervert doctor maybe? Haha! His costume is totally FREE as I borrowed the lab coat from my friend studying science in school.

Maybe it would be perfect if I dress up as a nurse and we would be a pair *chuckles*

Jacky the soldier x Sophia the kitty.

Moses the vampire trying to take advantage of the poor kitty, LOL!

And here's the pretty and sweet 'Red Indian' but in yellow.

Lovin' the pumpkins which Euphoria made for decorations. They are real pumpkins carved one by one!

Cherish the devil x Sheng Yen the pink nurse x Kitty cat
Photo credits to Keryi Loh.

I'm not sure what this guy is trying to be with the super white painting on his face.

It was the first time Cindy joined us to Euphoria :)

Finally, the disgusting green monster.

For more photos, kindly visit Joseph Phuah's album in Facebook as I'm too lazy to edit and upload all of them. Click here *link*

Lots of Love

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