Sunday, November 30, 2008

~ A Little Too Not Over You ~

It's the second week leading the simple yet boring life in Johor. I mentioned my dad's gonna bring me to have some good food before I'm back in Subang in my last post. So, yeah, my whole family went to Batu Pahat on Wednesday and guess what, we had 4 meals just in few hours time, in between lunch and dinner time =_= scary yeah? I guess I'm gonna be 80kg which is double my weight now by the time I got back.

Then, on Friday, I went to trim my hair. Thinking of changing a little style but since everyone asked me not to cut it but keep it longer so I failed to change again, haha. But, I'm actually thinking of making some changes when it gets longer. I love those big and natural curl which a lot of Japanese and Taiwanese girls love to do. The girl who trimmed my hair set my hair into curls to gimme a little imagination of how I'll look if I'm with curls.

P/s: Look only at my hair please, was having slight sore eyes that day. So ugly :(
What do you guys think about those pictures? straight or curly? LOL. But the effect will be slightly different between perming and setting your hair. I'll just leave it to your imagination, haha.

Lastly, I'm actualy not really in the mood these few days, and this is why I ignored my bloggie again. Blame it all on Monash, and their unexpected results :( I guess most of my friends are upset over it as well, making me even sad. It's all too unexpected, but well, maybe we should blame ourselves and not Monash, haha. But cheer up buddies, we'll work harder together next time alright? Don't give up but realise our mistakes :)

Somehow, I'm sort of excited about my summer class which will be starting on the second week of December. It'll be crazy and my timetable will be so hectic, even more hectic than before, sighs. Gotta work really hard this time round, please motivate me dear friends. But the good news is that I'm going back to Subang on this coming Wednesday, YAY!! teehee. At least I'll have something to do rather than rotting and gaining weight aimlessly here, feel so useless. I miss everyone there so much! Mwahss~
*Never felt this good before*
*3days to a month without you and i made it*

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

~ Pink She Said ~

Around a year not getting the chance to step into City Square, finally I went there again today. For those who don't know about City Square, it's one of the teens favourite hang outs in JB. One of the most popular shopping mall too, I guess. My parents hate to shop there because all the places around the mall is packed all the time and often becomes the spot where snatch thieves did their job.
Went there together with my 2 sisters and a relative. My sisters want to watch the movie "Igor" which I'm totally not interested in, but I was too bored so I decided to join as well. It's another animation and I would rate it 2.5/5. Maybe my sisters love it but it's not really my kind of movie, sorry. Camwhored a little while resting my legs and waiting for my sisters in the fitting room.

Then, one of my sisters came to join me. She's the only camwhore partner I have at home, hehe. And also the one who would help me to talk or cover certain secrets when my parents started nagging, lol. Thanks sis, loves :)

Snapped in action!

Life time sisters.
As usual, we would shop around after the movie. My sister bought a dress and a shirt each while today, I decided to spend on some really cute computer accessories rather than spending money on clothes all the time to cheer me up when I'm rotting at home. I'm loving them to the bits and I love pink, although pink may not be my favourite colour.
Ta-DA! This is my Hello Kitty keyboard. Been wanting to get one for some time but couldn't find a suitable one. Isn't it sweet?

And this is my Hello Kitty mouse. Me likey!

The keyboard has a cover attached to it so that it won't get dirty easily and dust won't fall in the gap between each letters. Suitable for lazy people like me =D. This is when it is half opened.

Putting together as a set. I wish I could match them with a new version of Macbook which has been released in the market weeks ago, teehee. Daddy mummy, hear that? LOL.

So, daddy has been complaining that I'm too thin nowadays. True, my weight has been decreasing and i don't know why, although I consumed suppers quite often and desserts especially chocolates almost everyday. He said he's gonna bring me somewhere with lots of nice food. Yummy~ hehe. Can't wait!

*Hate making decisions, but you do moved me*


*23rd days without you and life goes on as usual :)*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

~ 不要对我再说爱 ~

我還在 分手的那一天原地徘徊
不明白 怎麼笑著走出來
你回來 可是過去再也回不來
我還在 鞦韆上搖擺
我不想 重新開始 還想著原來
我不能 給你確定的未來
你回來 可是過去回不來
我還在 鞦韆上來回搖擺
我坦白 一直忘不了原來
我害怕 我們再受到傷害
你回來 可是過去回不來
一段愛從不明白 到明白

This is actually a song from a Taiwanese drama called 'Hot Shot'.

*I should have known better what I really want*

~ The Heart of Desire ~

It has been more than a week I ignored my bloggie i guess. Been closing up myself from the hectic city and also digital world to a peaceful and simple place. Guess where? haha. Was too lazy to on my laptop or even hang out with friends. Can u believe I actually stay at home for the entire week? That's so not me! But I'm starting to feel bored with life like this and I wanna get back to Subang soon :( . Anyway, nothing to update about my life here in my hometown. Eat, sleep, watching drama or TV, online sometimes, being mummy's girl and driver, and the routine repeats everyday -_- It's impossible that my weight won't increase :D

Missing my girls, darlings, babes, and even buddies so much here! Here are some pictures during the last outing with my girls before I'm back in my hometown. So, yeah, I went to Fullhouse again but this time I brought my girls along :) The place was full when we reached last Friday, so we made reservation and walked around the mall while waiting. By the way, I met Juneesz and Annie there.

Yvonne, Me, Shu Huey & Lee Ping.

Stuff that those shops sell are super cute.

Musical 'Merry-Go-Round' ? Lol.

Like the glowing effect my camera creates.

Photo frames.

Guess what, these are actually rubber key chains. Cute?

And we spotted this dog, and I wish he/she was mine. It's soooo adorable!

Awww...irresistible manja expression.

And finally, our food. Yummy yet affordable :)

This looks a bit different from me.

I guess my face will be a little rounder by the time I'm back to Subang. Just wait and see, lol.
*I wish changes could give me a break and everything maintains for the time being*
*Loves & Hugz*
*20th days without you and life goes on :) *

Thursday, November 13, 2008

~ I Wished You Loved Me ~

Look fatter with this angle.

Just suddenly got the urge to blog. Well, I'm sick :( What a bad timing to get sick, I'm not done enjoying my holiday yet before I got back to my boring hometown on this Sunday and before my summer class starts. Wanna spend more time with those who meant a lot to me, treasuring every moment with them while I still have the chance. Having mixed feelings now, because of many reasons which I'm not sure about it too.

Many friends asked to join them to the club but I just don't really have the mood. Maybe I'm old already? haha. Not so into clubbing since this year, cut down a lot compared to last year. Anyway, went to Sunway Pyramid with Shu Huey today to accompany her to buy her stuff and I met Syn Yi, my ex housemate there! It's been ages I didn't get to meet her. Just wanna wish her good luck in everything you do in the future. The rest of the time I'm just chilling alone at home with some music on. It has been some time since I really spend time for myself this way. Sometimes, I just like to be alone in the room with some cool magazines and soothing music.

My nose is red like clown now and it's falling anytime soon, haha. And those coughing really hurt my abdomen. But thanks to mr. anonymous for the medicine, concern and being there for me :) It feels really lonely when you're all alone in a place you're not familiar with and it feels so warm when there's someone there to care for you. That is the reason why I'm so dependent. I wished, but no one would understand. I know I can be so hard to understand. xoxo.

*Blessing in disguise? Somehow, I like where we are now :) *

*Loves & Hugz*

*10th days without you*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

~ Still There For Me ~

Last night, Mr. LOO Kok Leong offered to bring me to 'Fullhouse' for dinner as I've been wanting to go there but did not know the road so this time he could show me. Plus, he owes me a dinner, haha. It was kinda complicated with the roads though and it is not easy to look for, but I was amazed with the place. It is full of cute Disney characters. So, this is the cafe many girls have been longing to get there. The place is very stylish and soothing.

The decorations downstairs.

The decorations upstairs. Attractive? hehe.

The menu.

Mickey lanterns on the ceiling of the 'mall'.

Acting cute to suit the theme, haha.

Camera shy? LOL.

Our food and drinks.

Well, my drinks is actually the one with 'white-greeny' colour but it tastes weird, so I forced him to change with me, hahaha. Sorry Mr. Goofy :D

He claimed that he looks ugly with flash on.
After dinner, he suggested to go for a movie because he did not feel like going back home early so I said okay. We watched 007 and I would give the movie 3/5 ratings. Many people said that the movie wasn't as nice as expected too. Anyway, thanks to Kok Leong for accompanying me the whole night. He is funny. And I must have make you spend quite a lot last night, hehe.

A random picture before I remove my make up.

*Changed or remain the same? You never fail to brighten up each of my day :) *

*Loves & Hugz*

*9th days without you*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~ This Is Real, This Is Me ~

Unbelievable! Been living life like there's no tomorrow. But the bad thing is I've been splurging like I got all the money in the world, haha. No good no good, splurging is not a good way to stay happy, feeling so guilty to my parents, teehee. All the eye bags, stomachaches, and sleepless nights are worth it thanks to my beloved girls. Got the eye bags for playing too much yet not feeling sleepy, stomachaches due to the non-stop laughter you girls gave me, sleepless nights because of the sleepover almost every night. What more can I ask for :) Though I may not be totally alright especially when I'm alone, but at least I'm treasuring every bits of what I've got.

Finally being able to declare freedom on Thursday morning, well, at least few weeks of freedom before my summer class starts, hehe. Completed my finals and went to Bangsar then KL with the girls. Been craving for shopping even before the finals. We are expecting a super duper satisfying splurge but end up not buying anything except enjoying nice food all along. But, Shu Huey and I did manage to get the limited edition eyeliner and cream eyeshadow palette from Bobbi Brown which we've been longing for.

At night, the girls decided to go to Euphoria to groove a little, haha. Surprisingly, the whole club is full of Taylor-eans and Monash-eans. It's like a nostalgic night for me, reuniting with friends from the same hometown, old and new college mates, not forgetting my very first housemates I've got, Pei Wen and Khang Lun. Miss them so much! It's my best night ever in club since this year. I heard there's a lot more friends there but it's too crowded so I did not have the chance to bump into them, one of them is Belinda.

Seak Hwee, Shu Huey & I, before hitting the club.

Mr. Tan Theng Wei.

Shu Huey & I.

Seak Hwee, Pei Wen & I, the craziest girls in 186.

With Kok Leong a.k.a Mr. Goofy.

My girls.

Just dance ladies!


Yvonne the photographer for that night.

As usual, we would go for yumcha session after partying, and the girls sleepover at my house that night. Slept till noon the next day, took turns to prepare ourselves and it took hours, haha. We had our lunch during tea-time hour in Taipan. At night, we headed to The Curve to celebrate Rou Gin's birthday. Went to the Apartment to have our dinner. The ambiance and decorations are very special and comfortable.

On the way back from Taipan.

The menu.

The bar.

I like this section.

Rou Gin & I.

Never get enough pictures with this girl.

Shu Huey, Me & Lee Ping.

The birthday girl.

Seak Hwee being the photographer.

Condom advertisement? LOL.

The story goes like this... the birthday girl, Rou Gin wasn't really having the 'birthday mood' on that particular day. In order to cheer her up, she offered 3 things that we will have to choose at least 1 to fulfill. Obviously, 1 of them is that we have to buy condom for her. She thought we wouldn't dare but we did okay! haha. This is just a random picture we forced her to take in return but end up everyone's enjoying the truth or dare game, haha. Back at home, they wanted to have more fun so they decided to do a test on the elasticity that a condom can take. I know it's lame -_- LOL. And this is the result.

On Saturday, Seak Hwee's parents came to bring her back to hometown. All of us went to Sunway Pyramid that day. Went to Sushi Groove for lunch and then shop around, only Lee Ping, Shu Huey and me left. We fell in love with this cap from Rip Curl but better not splurge any further before we're bankrupt, haha. So, we just took some pictures with it in the fitting room.

Didn't wear cap for such a long time already.

The girl who accompany me every single day and night since my holiday started :)

Nothing special on Sunday and Monday, just the same routine again. Yumcha and gossiping session all the time, with all sorts of friends. But every session is full of laughter. I'm sure there's more to come before I go back to my hometown for weeks. So stay around.

*Thanks for fetching me back and forth during my exam period. And I'm actually happy for the concern and calls you gave me*

*Loves & Hugz*

*1st week without you*