Sunday, August 30, 2009

~ Shadowed But Not Lonely ~

So, the boyfie went back to his hometown for a week. Many of them said that I shall declare FREEDOM, Haha! But it's not like I'm going to look for boys or whatever, so there's not much difference for me. The boyfie does give me freedom sometimes although he's here and I appreciate it. In fact, I'm the one who wanna cling on him at times *grin*

But of course, I would have more time to spend with my girls. Catching up and hanging out with them, updating myself with new, hot gossips for hours at Starbucks could never be better (:

Went to watch 'UP' (3D) with Shu Huey at night. It's a super cute and funny movie. For those who do not mind watching cartoons, I'm sure you guys would love it. Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★
Chit-chatting session after that at Canai Cafe and Lee Ping joined us too. When a bunch of girls gathered, their conversation topics would just never end.

Went to Pavilion with Tze Ming, Moses, and Jia Hui at night. Jeff came over to meet us up as well. Supposed to accompany Moses to shop, instead all of us spotted something we fell in love with, Haha! Was forced to go to Euphoria by Moses after that, even though I'm really tired.

Met up with those Penang girls who came. Met Venice Tan from Penang for the second time (:

Only few of us went as some of them went back to hometown.

Stayed home for the whole day, wrapped under my comfy blanket all the time.

Went for dinner with Shu Huey and Lee Ping in Sunway Pyramid. Did some grocery shopping so I won't get starved to death at home when no one accompanies me to eat. This is why I miss him even when I'm eating.

Picked Shu Huey and Lee Ping up early in the morning, had our brunch and headed to Bangsar. Nothing could make me so motivated to wake up early in the morning except shopping, not even class *grin* Came back home only after dinner.

Yes! It's today and I'm lovin' it. Winnie Wen from Penang is in KL again, supposed to meet up but I'm lazy to drive all the way to KL alone and get caught in the massive traffic jam plus she has got some transport problem to come over Sunway. So, we're still trying to work something out, hopefully before she goes back to Penang tomorrow. Had an appoinment with Miss Lee Ping later for late lunch anyway.

The best part of today is that the boyfie is coming back tonight! Miss him like hell, Teehee. And I suppose we'll be joining the crowd somewhere for the celebration of Merdeka Eve. Can't wait! Hope everything turns out fun and fine.

Gotta get prepared soon, signing off.

Lots of Love

Thursday, August 27, 2009

~ The Closest Stranger ~

220809 @ Tenji Japanese Buffet

Happy 20th Birthday, my love! :)

Our first time trying out Tenji.
I know this picture is blur, but it's the only proof we got to show that we've been to Tenji. And for your information, Jacky is the photographer, not Joseph. I guess he would definitely want me to make it clear just to maintain his reputation *laugh*

The inner decoration of the place is pretty cool.

They do serve marvelous food. Look at the way they are snatching the food and you'll know. Yum Yum~

They do have sweet and refreshing coconut water as well. I'm drooling even when I'm typing this post.

Their desserts not only look nice but taste great too. Especially when they serve Haagen Dazs ice creams.

Chocolate Fondue is LOVE. It's my love all the time, teehee.

So, what's next after all the delicious food and when the clock strikes 12am?

Taa-dah!! Here is the first surprise I planned for him.
I wanted something special so I bought him cupcakes instead of cakes. Credits to Tze Ming and Moses for assisting me all the way from ordering the cupcakes, collecting them and, secretly bringing them to Tenji.

I'm not helping them to light up the candles and yet I look so blur here *grin*

Look at how shy he was when we're singing "Happy Birthday" song for him. He'll kill me for sure when he knows that I posted this picture up here though. So, I'm actually risking my life to show you guys this picture *laugh*

It seems like it's a custom or tradition for the birthday boy to get dirty on their big day. But no, those are not creams but ice creams.

Moses became a clown with a red, mini heart-shaped nose. I wonder why he's always the victim, pity Moses.

After all those fun we had, it's cam-whoring time! :)

All of us who made it to the mini celebration at Tenji.

Flashback starts here. When we first came to KL to pursue our studies 3 years ago, these are the only guys in our gang.

The number of people in our gang grew day by day, with people joining in and out, and look! This is how big our gang has become. In fact, there are more but unfortunately, some of them couldn't make it on that particular night due to certain reasons. Today, we're like one happy family.

Look alike? Yeah, the blood from the same family runs in their bodies.

He hugs his so-called son instead of me. Hmmpf.

The birthday boy always got to receive special treatment on his big day.

And the annoying boy would never fail to get his special punishment of course, Haha!

Enough with the birthday boy and we started cam-whoring ourselves :)

This lady could really kill with her killer figure and killer dress.

Beauties and the beast (Jacky) LOL!
You guys know I'm just joking, don't you? *wink*

So, this is the present I managed to get for him. I'm sorry I could only afford this for the time being instead of your favourite IWC. I'm sure you know I'm a big spender myself too, right? *grin* Hope you love it anyway :)

I actually realised all the watches you have are presents from me! Teehee. But this one is a little different from the rest. You shall know how hard it is to crack my brain just to get a present for you.

Anyway, this is the 3rd birthday that I've gone through with you. What lies ahead of us will always remain as a question or a mystery, and forever is still an unfamiliar word to us. However, I hope that I would have the chance to count the days with you with every step we move forward together.

Love Always
- Sophia -

Saturday, August 22, 2009

~ More Than Words ~

Happy Birthday to my one & only beloved boyfie! :)
May your life goes the way you always wanted it to be and here, I wish that all your dreams would turn reality. I know you're one super ambitious guy.

I guess I'm lucky to be given the chance to go through this very special day of yours with you once again this year. Hope you had an awesome one under all my arrangements and even if it's not the greatest or happiest, but at least one that you'll remember all time. Please remember and think of me everytime when you look at the present I gave you okay? *laugh*

Anyway, you know that I'm irrevocably in love with you in every way and my feelings for you have gone far beyond words. Wishing that there's more chances to celebrate each other's special occasion together like this to come in the future. Love you to the bits, my silly Mr. Infinity Love!
*Hugs and Kisses*


Monday, August 17, 2009

~ Twisted Day And Night ~

13 Crazy Hours
KL - Penang - Ipoh - KL

As my sleeping time has been pretty much twisted, so yeah...I usually sleep when the sun comes out and wake up just right before the sun goes down. Maybe I should be glad that at least I still get to see the sun for a short while uh? *Laughs*

I woke up around 4-ish on one fine Friday evening,
and the boy started telling me: "Eh, your crazy friends (Jia Hui, Chalam, and Steven) suggested to go to Penang later after dinner and come back early in the morning the next day, just for fun.

At first, I was expecting that the plan would fail since the boyfie is going to sit for exam on that coming Monday. Who knows! Everyone was so 'steady' and the plan actually went so well. I didn't even have much time to get ready and go for dinner. Everything happened in a glance.

Arrived in Penang around an hour past midnight. Gurney Hotel is the spot where we met few of our friends.

The 'Bapa Ayam' and 3 Penang girls.

Winnie Wen came too :)
P/s : My eyes look super tired and swollen after a long ride. Kindly ignore them.

A must-do in the town of Penang is to eat!
We had the famous Penang 'Char Kuay Teow' as our supper.
But the boys said that there's nothing special compared to the 'Char Kuay Teow' in KL. Lol.

As we reached rather late, there are not many choices of place that are left for us to go. So, the guys decided for drinking session at some place called 75 Celcius/Degree (Oops, I forgot the name of the place, teehee).

I love him, He loves me :)

Took a picture with the girls before we bid goodbye.

Fooling around in the middle of the road beside the sea or beach or whatever it is.

I realised that the roads in Penang are rather suitable for photography.

New Nike Advertisement?

Lovin' the effect of the background.

Got back from Penang around 6 a.m. and stopped by Ipoh for breakfast while on the way back to KL. I personally prefer food in Ipoh to Penang, no offense Penang people :)

The trip is really tiring but it's exciting enough though.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

~ Inside of All of Us, Is A Wild Thing ~

Moses Ng's 18th Birthday
290709 @ Euphoria

So, Moses celebrated his 18th birthday for two nights in a row in Euphoria. One on the night before his birthday and one exactly on the night of his big day. The reason why he chose that venue? He wants to know the feelings of getting in the club without any fear using his very own IC *laughs*

You know what, guys can actually be as 'cam-whore freak' as girls especially when they are drunk. The only difference is that girls do it themselves and guys asked the others to help them. The birthday boy never stops taking pictures until he's totally dead drunk. This is why this post is gonna be full of pictures. When I said it's gonna be FULL of pictures, I meant it. If you think we're vain enough, kindly skip this post :)


I chose this picture to be the first of all cause I'm lovin' this one a lot, but don't ask why.
His gigantic head wearing my little tiny cute hat. Well, I'm the one who forced him to wear it on cause it feels really hot for me to wear it in the club *grin*

If you noticed, you'll realise he loves to do this expression on his face whenever he takes photos.

The main character of the night! Congratulations for finally being legal, teeheee.

Introducing Jackson, also known as Mr. Know-It-All by me. Dancing, singing, or doing business. You name it, he does it. And also, he's at the same age as me.

The lady with a beautiful laugh unlike me, Sheng Yen.

Her true name is Aibe. But her second name is called Miinii. She's really so sweety tiny mini as if she's an ant that needs lots of protection.

The one who memang not cute yet wanna act cute. Of course, I'm included, teehee.

*Peace* he said.

Pimp of the night? Haha!

The yellow light is basically shining on Moses showing that he's the spotlight on that night.

Next, some group pictures.

Got Dj Nesh to 'ka-tcha' a little with us before we went back home.

Walking to the car pun want to take pictures.


Moses gave away his first legal kiss to Melvin who loves guys! Oh-My-God, I wonder how it feels *laughs*

Why Benny's face looks so retarded? Haha!

Chin Wei celebrated his birthday which is actually on 11th July together with Moses.
Happy Belated Birthday, Chin Wei :)

All of Joseph Phuah's classmates and I.

Moses was obviously drunk and on the way to be K.O.

Group pictures all the way again.

Last but not least, the so-called 'Monkey Family'.
Not forgetting Benny as the photographer of this picture :)
And the petite me being squeezed in the middle *laughs*