Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~ Go Ga Ga ~

Maybe I couldn't make it for the launch of M.A.C x Hello Kitty cosmetics in Mid Valley, but at least I could make it for the mini version one in Sunway Pyramid and got myself two Kitty balloons MyEm0.Com New and lovely decorations for my room.

We've also got a new plush to 'decorate' and live up our house. Guess what?

Heh. Saw the mini brown thing there pulling my balloon all around the living room?

Yes! My housemate just bought a mini toy poodle.

His cuteness is irresistible although he's getting naughtier.

He's everyone's darling that he's so spoilt!

He adds points to his cuteness by doing silly stuff like hiding his head under Joseph's ass that makes people giggle.

Even Ker Yi wanna learn to be a dog like him, haha!

It's kinda tough though looking after and taking care of him as I never really had a dog before.


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