Thursday, March 12, 2009

~ Maybe Tomorrow ~

I ♥ my new place and my new housemates MyEm0.Com They are really nice people. Fun, friendly, cool, and pretty. For your information, they are Chinese Indonesian.

First of all, this is Jessica. The prettiest one among my lovely housemates.

Another housemate would be Catherine. Too bad I don't have a picture which only consists of only me and her yet. But don't worry peeps, you'll get to see her in some other upcoming pictures so, scroll down!

Last Saturday, all of us in the house together with Rou Gin went to Fullhouse for dinner. Problems cropped out while we're on the way there which cause us to take more than an hour to reach our destination, but I'm not gonna disclose it here as it's a disgrace, haha! Although I've been there for the fourth times, it was the first for Seak Hwee, Catherine, and Jessica. By the way, I bumped into Stephy whom I did not see her for oh-so-long there that night.

From the left: Seak Hwee, Jessica, Me, Catherine, and Rou Gin.

It's a girls' night out.

Both of us love Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The frequent cam-whore partner, Seak Hwee.

Jessica and I are going to bath together, haha!

Together with the two housemates I heart.

Squeezing in some corner with the size of a mini fitting room.

Had so much fun that we're going to bed due to exhaustion.

And we're driving home in this car, buh-bye! Haha!

We couldn't stop cam-whoring even after we reached home. We tried doing all sorts of faces and it turned out really hilarious, haha!

On Sunday, we went out together again MyEm0.Com Headed to Pavilion and Sg Wang to shop. Bought lotsa stuff and ate alot. My appetite seems to be superbly good recently and my weight increased MyEm0.Com

Didn't take many photos that day as we're too busy eating and shopping.

Seak Hwee and I in the fitting room.

And obviously, it's Pavilion's toilet again MyEm0.Com

Overall, it's one of my greatest weekend.

By the way, many asked about the price for the M.A.C x Hello Kitty Collection cosmetics. I know it's a little too late to post this but this is the list of the price. Most of them are sold out within Malaysia. And some are selling them with marked up price.

Eye shadow (4 colours) - RM 150
Beauty powder - RM 92
Beauty powder blush - RM 75
Lipstick - RM 63
Lipglass - RM 63
Tinted lip conditioner - RM 62
Nail lacquer - RM 38




  1. Everytime see you also go shopping. You must be rich. Hehe...

  2. Lol..I'm still studying, I wish I'm rich too =)