Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~ Lace and Leather ~

This weekend of mine is nothing but movies. There's nothing else better that we can think of or do late at night, other than hitting the club again which we're kinda bored with it already. Recently, or maybe all these while to be exact, we used to sleep when the sun rises and wake up when the sun sets. Wtf seriously. We're soon becoming the same species of an owl or a cat. It makes me feel like my days are so unmeaningful and short of time MyEm0.Com Yet, it's the worst and hardest habit that I could ever kick. S.O.S. I need help.

Enough crapping. Everyone knows that there's this campaign called 'Earth Hour' on last Saturday. Jeff suggested that we shall see the lights in the entire KL being turned off and on again at Ulu Langat. Unfortunately, there's a really serious car jam and we could not even reach our destination after one and a half hours starving in the car. Ended up we gotta change our destination and we spent the whole one hour of 'Earth Hour' in the car.

Headed to Sunway Pyramid for movies after that. First time watching movie with William a.k.a Millionz. Unfortunately once again, most of the movies are fully taken. We had no choice but to watch 'The International'. It's not too bad for me and Mr.Joseph but most of them fell asleep, haha! Naomi Watts looks great in the movie. Would rate it as 3/5 stars.

The next day, I bugged Mr.Joseph to bring me for the movie which I've been waiting for months. And for certain reasons, I'm sorry little Jia Hui. Don't hate me okay? Heh. It was pretty late that night, we went to Mid Valley cause Pyramid does not have midnight sessions on Sunday. The movie may not be as great as it's expected to be, but I'm not sure why I sort of love it. Maybe I can relate to the movie cause I'm a shopaholic who can't manage my finance well too, haha! Too many of my big bad habits.

Isla Fisher is so cute. Loving all the stuffs in the movie, teehee!

And she is really colourful too. Soundtracks in the movie are great :)


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