Saturday, March 7, 2009

~ Mannequin ~

Wow, Finally! But finally what? Finally, the Hello Kitty x M.A.C Collection of cosmetics are launched in Malaysia on 6th of March! MyEm0.Com Guess this is the day that many girls out there who love Hello Kitty like I do have been waiting for.

Yesterday, I've been bugging Mr. Joseph Phuah and the others all day long to bring me to any M.A.C store available, teehee. Since Sunway Pyramid is the nearest to my house, so it's the best choice of destination of course. It's a day full of satisfaction for me and him I guess. Mr. Joseph and I both managed to get ourselves new darling(s).

Let me introduce his new darling first. Obviously, it's an iDj. Well, he has been secretly having this interest for quite some time.

And this is the Deejay wannabe. Maybe, Dj Josephtiesto wannabe. For those who knows him better should have seen this name in the MSN or somewhere else before.

It's the very first time I see a Dj playing in a squatting position, haha! :D

Our cacat-ed face. Glad that I managed to force him to snap a few photos with me before he's going to ignore me. Everytime he got himself a new electronic gadget, he would not bother me much for some time accompanying his new darling, dumping his old one aside MyEm0.Com Haha!

Anyway, now it's time to introduce my own new darling which costs me a BOMB!


They are so cute that I can't even bear to use them, LOL. BUT.....I hereby declare that I'm facing critical financial crisis and is near to bankruptcy only after the first week of the month

And look! I've got 2 Hello Kitty bags, teehee. Those bags are limited edition too. Every customer is only entitled to one Hello Kitty bag per receipt actually, but the kind salesman whom I knew gave me 2 MyEm0.Com How good.

By the way, I wanna apologise to the little Jia Hui for 'putting you aeroplane' for the sake of my Hello Kitty, hehe. I know you would understand :P

I ♥ Weekends!




  1. Yo i love the iDJ wonder where can be found??
    =D Lookin' Great at the latest blog some hot chick yea!! haha where's ur new place anyway? no longer above the steamboat place yo? haha


  2. Hmm i think you can find them in Machines stores. Haha..and yeah, I've moved to Suriamas Apartment (: