Monday, March 2, 2009

~ Simple Is Best ~

Sorry peeps, for neglecting my bloggie for such a long time for several reasons. First, I was rather busy enjoying the very last week of my summer holidays. Second, I was tired and exhausted all the time although I sleep a lot, don't know why. Third, my mood swings are getting worse for the entire week and my temper wasn't really good, I bite so beware :D

Anyway, I wanna apologise to those who are affected or maybe offended by my grumpy and terrible mood or temper the whole week, and actually I have not fully recover yet. I seriously don't mean it but I got no control over it. Enough crapping, here's some updates about me. Well, finally I got to go to Pavilion to shop for my cosmetics. Been longing to go since a month ago but the hectic schedule don't allow me to do so. Thank you for keeping your promise to accompany there despite the crazy car jam Last Saturday.

Disturbing him while he's styling his hair. In order to explain our restless face, we woke up as early as 8am in the morning, went to Usj6 to take our breakfast, I clean up the whole room while he went for his haircut before we prepared to go out. But it feels good cause we seldom get to feel the morning sunlight and also seldom get to have our breakfast at the appointed time, teehee. Skin's starting to lack of some healthy Vitamin D which sunlight produces.

This is the look of a driver who was sleepy and frustrated being stucked in the car jam which is oh-so-common in KL.

Reached there after an hour from Subang, had dinner in some new restaurant which I couln't recall the name now. Bought a few make-up products from Bobbi Brown, I'm currently Bobbi Brown's fans and M.A.C comes second I guess. Wanted to get the Harajuku perfume by Gwen Stefani at first but got myself Burberry Brit instead.

Nothing special though but I'm still happy because finally I got to taste my cotton candy which I've been missing it. I love cotton candy since young. It's childish I know but it cheers me up a lot seriously, I just can't live without sweet stuffs. *I think I'll be getting diabetes at a very young age, so be prepared to look after me for guys who wanna marry me, LOL* Its fun being childish at times and sometimes I even wish I could choose to be a child and not grow up, and I don't care or mind being laughed at! MyEm0.Com



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