Sunday, March 15, 2009

~ Losing Grip ~

It's MOS night once again on 120309, Thursday. Had a hard time making all of my girls to agree to join, I'm usually the only girls in the group most of the time as you can see MyEm0.Com Guess it's worthwhile after all as it turned out to be quite fun. The one who did not want to go the most ended up to be the last one who wanna go back home, haha!

But girls, please remember to bring your IC along whenever you girls hit the club, cause I gotta bring one of my friend back home again to get her stuff and it used up 1 hour of the time I could enjoy. Well, I'm not complaining nor did I mind about the trouble at all, it's just that it might be better if I use the 1 hour to spend time with you girls as there's only a chance once in a blue moon :)

First time hitting the club with the little Jia Hui, and not bumping into him. Thanks for being so protective, haha!

Yeah, obviously I know this guy hates this girl.

Trying so hard to make his face looks fatter.

Finally, a better one.

Yvonne and I.

Again, Seak Hwee and I.

Seak Hwee and I in the toilet.

Lisa the girl whom many guys wanna get close with that night.

Yeiks! I hate my hair with sweat and everything on the dance floor.

The double J, Joseph and Jacky. Maybe guys with the name starting with J are meant to be evil and flirty, haha!

The girl on the very left is Jia Shin.

The girl in the middle is Yvonne.

The 'Fantastic' Four, haha! From left, Shu Huey, Lee Ping, Seak Hwee and I.

And the Big Five, with Rou Gin joining in the Fantastic Four.
Too bad half of Lee Ping's face is covered by my big head.

Lisa, Me, Joseph and Jia Hui.

Oops! I just realised Jia Hui's name is starting from J too, haha!
As well as Jackass and Jerk, LOL!
It's a great night overall. Wish to have more of this kinda outings in future.



  1. how come no pictures from melvin? i think he takes better pictures.

  2. That's for sure (: Too bad there's some problem with his camera so you might not get to see pictures from him for the time being. So sorry.

  3. i think keryi too handsome, thats why the camera cannot tahan.