Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~ Mood Flow ~

This post is gonna be so vain. Just some simple updates on my weekend. For weekdays, there's nothing else except classes, meals, sleepless nights, and assignments or presentations. How lifeless. And this is why I yawn all the time MyEm0.Com Oh, I eat and munch a lot lately as well. I just want to eat although I'm not hungry, anything nice or sweet. Maybe the stress and boredom is provoking my appetite. I'm sure my weight is increasing every second MyEm0.Com

Watched the movie 'Taken' with Mr. Phuah, mushiie, Chin Wei and the little Ryan on last Saturday. The movie is exciting enough to be rated 4 out of 5 stars. Saturday night was painful for me, I meant stomachache MyEm0.Com Almost faint due to certain girls' problems.

Forgot to mention that I watched 'Race to Witch Mountain' on the week before. It's an interesting one rated 4 out of 5 stars as well. Worth watching it.

Sunday was great though. I got rewarded with a shopping spree in Bangsar and a new dress from Mr. Phuah by helping him to do his entire assignment instead of mine first MyEm0.Com More like a transaction than reward, duhh!

As usual, he was frustrating over the car jam yet I could cam-whore happily, haha!

Supposed to catch another movie in Mid Valley but decided to go back home early to continue on our assignments. Sadness.

Disturbed him while he's resting, teehee!

Managed to wake him up but he's ignoring me.

Then, he started to get annoyed.

In the end, he acted cute with the 'big' eyes, haha! I heart this picture for no reason. That's why I said it's gonna be vain, remember? Haha!

Current status: My thoughts start to run wild when my Ipod is in my hand and headset near to my ears. My mood flows so fast with the music I'm listening to. Hmm, wondering whether this has got something to do with PMS.

I'm waiting for weekend to come again.


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  1. i want to see more melvin's pictures. (i dun really know who is he)

    he got friendster? maybe i can add him? or blog ?