Saturday, March 28, 2009

~ Sweet Things ~

Trying the camera on my new phone. Not bad, better than I expected earlier.

The girls are craving for cheesecake from Starbucks. So, we decided to have some gossiping and catching up session at Starbucks in SS15. And it's first time meeting up with Nana. Well, she's really tall and nice.

After Starbucks, we shifted to Asia Cafe and continue our gossipping session there. William a.k.a Millionz together with Chin Wei, Mushiie and Moses came to join us minutes later. It has been a really long time since I last saw William.

The four beloved ladies: Seak Hwee, Shu Huey, Rou Gin, and Lee Ping did not want to take any photos cause they think that they look really bad late at night. But according to girls' tradition, cam-whoring is a must especially meeting up for the first time. So, there's only me and Nana all the way, haha!

Ignore my fat face, double chin. I kinda love this picture.

But still, she claimed that she doesn't look pretty. So we continued.

Take 1.

Still not pretty?

Take 2.

Hmm..not very satisfied?

Take 3.

Still not satisfied? Let's try a few more then.

Take 4.

Actually there's a lot more but I'm not gonna post it all up. And she's still not very satisfied after all those pictures, haha! I personally think that I look the same in all the pictures and she looks good. Being natural by just smiling is my best signature pose, haha!

It's a great night with you all. As usual, I love weekends MyEm0.Com


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