Thursday, April 2, 2009

~ Shopaholic Spotted ~

Shopaholic is me. Instead of paying more attention on my studies or attending classes on weekdays, all I think about is to shop and spend money. It's just the starting of a new month but most of my money has flew away. Sunway Pyramid on Tuesday and Bangsar on Wednesday. Another really bad habit to change, wtf. There have to be something to stop me so that I could start saving and not torturing myself every end of month.

Actually, the girl behind didn't know we were secretly snapping her, haha!

For the first time I wasn't the one who spend the most but the girl behind of us, hehe. At least there's some improvement in me *ahem*. So the movie was right, nothing feels better when you see a store, new stuffs, touch, smell and then feel them.

Weekends coming soon, OOH-LA-LA~


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